I have been lifting weights at what I call a traditional gym since I was in high school.  The routine was getting old to the point I was looking for something different to shake things up.  I had driven past Ex Athletics many times, so one day I dropped in and spoke to a coach about joining.  This was in April of 2015, and I have been a member of Ex Athletics since that time.

I did find myself in a position that I needed to put my membership on hold for a few months.  I had been diagnosed with a heart murmur a few years back, and my doctor decided it was time to do something about it.  In November of 2015, I underwent open-heart surgery to replace a valve in my heart. I was blessed with a great cardiologist and a great surgeon, and the procedure went very well.  My cardiologist advised that my physical condition at the time of the surgery was instrumental in my condition during the surgery, as well as the fast recovery afterward. I was out of the hospital about a week after the surgery, and I was on a flight to Miami for business about 3 weeks after the surgery.  6 months after my surgery, I was released by my doctor to begin working out again. For me this involved a trip up to Ex Athletics to reinstate my membership and get back into it. I did that, and I have not looked back.

Ex Athletics is more than a gym…it is a community.  My gym mates by and large have a competitive streak…they want to ‘win’ the workout.  But they want everyone to win…the support you get during a workout, with the rest of the class motivating you to not only complete the workout but complete it with a new weight or time, is not something I have seen outside of the CrossFit world.  The programming is exceptional…the workout of the day typically focuses on a different movement or series of movements to increase strength and capacity. I have yet to be disappointed in a workout, nor have I left the gym feeling like I did not get enough work in.  The coaching is fantastic, having an extremely deep background in CrossFit, and speaking for myself, they have helped me develop some movements that I could not do in my past. The technical knowledge the coaches have is remarkable, and their ability to motivate you during the workout is fantastic.

I have been here at Ex Athletics for over 4 years, and I cannot imagine being anywhere else.  I do, and have, recommended CrossFit as an excellent avenue for fitness and self-confidence.  I have been to several CrossFit gyms across the US, and at least two outside the US. Ex Athletics is at the top of my list of gyms.  I would recommend it to anyone looking for a fitness home.

Member since April 2015